‘Good Morning’: racismo, o nosso trabalho apenas agora começou

Texto escrito e narrado por KAMAU:

This is not the dream.
Divided and confused.
We dreamt a dream dwindling,
descending to where dreams die.
Somewhere between doubt and its defense
Lies a field of broken aspirations
A sea of not seeing because seeing is believing
And if we dare to truly believe, then we must commit.
Wake up!
We dreamt a dream a dream dwindling, an ember in the winter breeze,
Our precious fleeting freedom
the present I,
Now is not the time to wallow in the trenches of despair
I said, wake up, wake up!
Our presence defies hatred
We must engage, we must build and protect self tenaciously,
Regardless of its casing, regardless of its color of its gender, of its belief
We must protect
we are soft but not weak,
We grow, learn, adapt, live
Like grass through concrete,
And Conquer
Every fear of difference with study, understanding, and gratitude for
The very breath that gives to any, gave to every
Breath is Breath, and of Breath
Love is…
Good Morning.
I said Good Morning!
Our work has just begun.